Monday, July 03, 2006

Nick and I visited my Mom's parents at their place in Truro on our last afternoon in Nova Scotia. I pulled out the last fiddle Grandad completed, number 81, and played a bit. I was always too self-conscious to play an insrument, and this time I was too. It's rediculous, really.

Mom, Nick and I ventured to Sydney, Cape Breton to visit relatives. First stop was to my cousin Tina's place where we had a lovely picnic on the veranda. Here she is with her son, Grant, and her daughter, Chaliyah.

After a delicious dinner with my Uncle Graham and Aunt Ilonka, we went back to their house to see their flowers and wonderful cats. They have a stray cat they feed in the backyard, and it brought it's kittens.

Nick and I saw a beautiful wooden sailboat at Halifax harbour on a the rainy Saturday. Simon took Nick and I to the market, which was cram packed with people. Catherine took us to a French patisserie after lunch, where I had the most delicious illy expresso with my sweets. Nick and I took a walk along Halifax's Spring Garden Road and Barrington streets, then down to the waterfront before heading back to Upper Stewiacke.


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