Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oxford, UK.

We paid to go up the bell tower at St. Mary's Church. The view was wonderful, even with all the fog covering everthing that was more than a block away. The steps were narrow and steep, made of wood, and enclosed in a stone wall. I told Nick that I wish I had grown up in an old church instead of an old store, because it would have been so much fun to play there.

We payed a visit to Mo's sister, Mina, in Chatham. She and Eddie have a new baby called Melissa in addition to Adam, who is three. Adam played shy when we first arrived but soon forgot about the strangers in his house. He is good with his new sister. He says "she's boring", because she just eats and sleeps at five days old. He wants a sister that will play with him.

Nick and I saw "The Nativity Story" in Slough, as it was the only theatre playing this movie, and only in the day time. I found the movie very touching throughout. Well made. This is the room we came out into -- would it be reserved for parties or something? so weird.


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